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Points Explained

How exactly are the driver's points calculated?  Here's a brief explanation.

Points are awarded to the driver - not the car number, in each separate class.  So if a driver is driving a different car in the same class on any given night, the points will be awarded to him for the season total in that class.

Also, NO points are awarded a driver until the car clears the tech department after each race

Each driver that finishes 1st place thru 4th place in a Heat Race receives the following points in All Classes :

1st Place    - 4 points
2nd Place   - 3 Points
3rd Place    - 2 Points
4th Place    - 1 Point

Each driver that starts a Feature Race will receive points based on finishing order in the following manner in All Classes:

1st Place      -60 Points
2nd Place    -58 Points
3rd Place     -56 Points

...and so on, reducing by 2 points for each additional place. 

If 24 cars start a feature race, the 24th place car would receive 14 Points using that calculation.

Again, points are NOT AWARDED a driver IF their car does not pass a tech inspection, per the rules in that class, after each race.

That's it!